My Favorite Authors – AKA TAKE MY MONEY!

Nancy Pearl and Oscar Wilde, new book club members
Nancy Pearl and Oscar Wilde, new book club members disagree on something.

Last week I told you about my Pride and Prejudice obsession.  If I see a pretty or important copy of P&P, I will give you my money.  There are actually quite a few authors I will order books from.  This list is not just those I will read without question.  These are authors I love so much I want to possess everything they write (or everything they write in a specific universe).

  1. Gregory Maguire– I may not keep all the books (I have passed on many), but I will buy his books as soon as they come out.  I have a number of autographed copies of his books:Wicked and Mirror Mirror are two of my favorite possessions.  I have already talked about how important Wicked is in my life.  I have pre-ordered his new book based on Alice in Wonderland.  I love the two Alice books and tried to get a copy of this at both Book Expo and the ALA Conference.
  2. Stephen King– As much as I love Stephen King books, I will actually only thrown my money at the Dark Tower series.  Anything related to this series is in my possession.  I will talk about why in another post, but I get really excited when I learn something new is out in this series.  Yes, I will buy a DVD of any movie or tv show they eventually make.
  3. Joe Hill– As much as I love King, his son has my attention right now.  His stories resonate with me in a way that I think speaks to my generation or horror readers.  I have just started buying his books (he doesn’t have many), but I am now going to buy all of his rather than just check them out of the library.
  4. Stephen Colbert– I am not thrilled with the new show, but I prefer late night tv to be satire.  Still, anything he writes, I buy.  I have all his books.  I will blindly ship him my cash if he says this is the only way to get the next book.
  5. Neil Gaiman– Well, I will buy 99% of his books.  I won’t necessarily pre-order and I may want to read it before I buy it, but I own a large number of his books and have paid for most of them.  My copy of The Graveyard Book is autographed (at Book Expo) as are other books in my Gaiman collection.
  6. Rainbow Rowell– Rainbow is another author from my generation both in age and mentality.  Her books are primarily considered Young Adult, but they have a maturity and depth that most Y.A. skips because the typical readers aren’t necessarily ready for it.
  7. J.K. Rowling– Not just Harry Potter.  I will buy anything she writes.  I love her.  My Harry Potter obsession does rival my P&P one.  I did name my dog after a HP character after all and I sort all my friends and family into Hogwarts houses.
  8. Sarah Vowell – She makes history funny.  Her style is a mix of history and personal adventures learning and exploring history.  It’s not for everyone, but it is for me.  I typically get her books from the library and then buy them after, but I have a growing collection of her books.

Tell me who you love enough to just buy anything they write!

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