Leaving on a Jet Plane- Reading While Travelling

Me at Platform 9 3/4 – from Harry Potter.

I m sitting in a hotel in Washington DC for the WikiCon USA conference writing this.  This is becoming one of my favorite conferences to attend since it is all about Wikipedia.

I am one of those readers who brings many books to read while away.  This is why I like having ebook readers.  It is cumbersome to have 4-5 books packed away (plus knitting, clothes, and room for souvenirs).  Between the Kindle and the iPad (and phone for audiobooks), I have hundreds of books at my disposal.

I often travel alone as well so I have plenty of time to read and I am one of the few people who can read anywhere.  When I was a kid, family vacations were typically done in a car from Miami to New York and Boston.  Three days in a car for 10 hours or more meant I had to learn to entertain myself.  Reading was the way I did that.  While Katie slept, I sat in the back seat with a book and my walkman.  I remember reading the Babysitters Club series in the car.  Usually we had to make a stop at bookstores at our destination and on our way home because I needed more books to read.

So, when I travel now I always like to have plenty with me.  Learning to knit meant I took on more audiobooks as well.  I sit on the plane, listen to my audiobook, and knit.  I sit at dinner with my kindle or iPad and read.  I need a break somewhere, I sit down and read a little.  Riding in the shuttle from the airport: reading.  In a taxi back home: reading.  I can read anytime and anywhere.

My reading choices vary when I travel.  I always like to have at least one book related to the trip.  This time it didn’t happen because there was a long wait and I didn’t want to carry physical books.  Instead, I am reading what is already on my iPad:

There are a few others, but those are the two I am focused on.

I am also a book tourist.  I make stops at bookstores.  I am inclined to buy books at museum shops, but rarely do.  If there is something book-ish to see, I will.  Most of my London trip 2 years ago was book-ish.  The DC trip has been more librarian than book-ish.  Not only is the conference at the National Archives, but my hotel is in walking distance to the Library of Congress.  I got to see the Holocaust museum, the American History Museum, and the American Art Museum.  We walked through the  Air and Space museum to get to the gift shop.  I have an obsession with gift shops and it takes all my will power to not spend money on books at gift shops.

How do you travel with books?  Have you ever been a book-ish tourist

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