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Library of Souls
Library of Souls


  • Technically none, but I did get a sample of this

What You Should Know:

  • This is the final in a trilogy.
  • It was inspired by those classic photos of levitating children and other tricks of photography from when the medium was new.
  • I am giving away a poster of this book to the first commenter.  More on that in a bit.
  • This is a YA book, but is good for adults.
  • The first book is being made into a movie and will presumably do well enough to see this one made into a movie someday as well.


In a post-Harry Potter world, the world of magical fiction is vast.  There are not currently any discussion guides for this book yet.  It only came out a few months ago.  Let’s talk about magical/supernatural fiction in a post-Harry Potter world.  Many have tried and some have succeeded.  Some have sold well, but been crap.  Most turn back to vampires and witches because they are known and easy.  The smart ones try to put a twist on things.  Miss Peregrine’s is one of the very best.


Riggs was very smart; he created a totally unknown universe.  He took something we have all seen and used them to build the universe: weird pictures from the early days of photography.  You know, the ones that make you think someone is a floating, but it is really a very early version of Photoshop.  He build his world around the idea that these were pictures of real people.  Each book takes found photos and weaves them into the story.  Sometimes it feels forced, but nothing in these stories fits in anything we already know.  Hollows, The Wights, and the children are all unique to Rigg’s universe.  Even the ending is unique. Without spoiling too much, Rigg’s addresses what happens when our magical hero returns to his normal family.

Authors, this is what you have to do to really be successful: find something interesting and create new.  Yes, you can probably write the same thing others have written about before you.  Yes, you can do that and be successful.  Creating something new and do it well.  It’s not easy, but keep working to find it.

Who Will Like:

  • I think Harry Potter fans will like it, but only if you are ready for a completely new universe.
  • People who read the other 2 books.  Haven’t read them?  Give it a try!
  • Teens who enjoy a slightly darker story.

The Poster:

At Book Expo they didn’t give this book away.  To be fair, the publisher has given away copies in the past.  I have an autographed copy of the first book because they gave it away.  I can’t act entitled just because I want something.  What they did give us was posters.  I grabbed one and realized I didn’t have space for it in my office.  You can see a picture.

Here is what I am going to do: give it to the first person who responds to this post.  Fingers crossed that someone does.  Make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you about mailing it.


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