Weekly Meeting: Locke and Key 1

Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft
Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft

This week you are going to notice a theme for all three posts: Graphic Novels.  Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft is the first graphic novel I have read this year.


  • None

What You Should Know:

  • This is horror, not superhero
  • This has won awards, like the Eisner award.  I mentioned this award in my entry about Lumberjanes.  It’s a big deal.
  • I got to read it as an E-book, which made it easy to zoom in to look at the artwork.
  • There is an audiobook on Audible (for free) of a dramatization of this series.  The cast is pretty amazing and includes Tatiana Maslany (from Orphan Black)


There was no reading guide for me to pull questions from.  Yet again, I am going to make this up.  Have I told you I enjoy horror?  I am pretty sure I have.  I like both sides of horror: the horror from beyond (our dimension, our planet, etc.) and the horror we do to each other.  Deep down I like this because it makes me feel as if things aren’t that bad as long as I am not living in those stories.  I learned recently that I also use horror as a writer to work out my own stress.  I am pretty sure this is none of this is unique to me.

Locke and Key mixes both horror models: beyond and human.  Characters are complex and well developed.  The story in each volume is complete, but carries you into the next volume.  Hill and Garcia give a nice overview of what has already happened at the beginning of each issue within the volume (think chapters if you haven’t read a graphic novel before).

What I really liked about this story is how they place with time.  You jump between past and present often, but there is a bigger sense that we are coming into the middle of a story.  We don’t know enough in issue one to understand all of volume one. We don’t know enough in volume one to understand the overall story.  There is a different idea playing out in that story that our characters are actually at the end of the story.  Even that plays on the idea of time.

Media Tie In:

There has been a few things in discussion about the adaptation for years.  I mentioned the dramatization for Audible, which is free.  It is 13 hours so I suspect that it covers more than this specific title. There has also been attempts to make both a TV show and a movie.  The movie fell through, but the tv show is still possible.

Who Will Like This:

  • Obvious: Horror fans and graphic novel fans
  • I think if you specifically like Lovecraftian horror, you will appreciate this series.
  • Fans of Joe Hills novels will enjoy this series as well.  I mean, I realized I love everything he writes.  I may need to actually buy print versions of this series.

Other Books I Read This Week:

  • The Good Earth – This is a Book Lust book and it was almost a Book Riot Read Harder selection.  Turns out, the author is white even if the subject is about Chinese families.  Thus, it did not fit into the

    “Author from Southeast Asia” theme.

  • Sharp Objects – I like horror and Flynn has become the mistress of the horror of what we do to each other AND the horror we do to ourselves.  I am excited to get to her most recent book too.

In Other News:

I have spent the last few days at the ALA Mid-Winter conference.  I love being a librarian, especially when a major conference is in my city.  I came home with far more gifts and give aways than I expected.  I suspect there will be giveaways here.  More on this conference in a later entry.

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