February State of the Blog

When I started this in July, I was only looking to consistently write for a few months.  I have been trying for years to find a blog format that keeps me engaged.

Here I am in February, still engaged!  I am taking a moment to look back at the past few months and what I am working on.  This post may be dull, unless you like blog statistics.  Surprisingly, I get obsessed with them.

So, big events since July:

  • I bought the domain name for the blog.
  • Tumblr!
  • My own stories and novels are being published, albeit, mostly personally.

What about the statistics?

  • In 2015 – from July to December- there were 114 visitors and 165 views to the guide.
  • So far in 2016 (less than 2 months) – there have been 169 visitors and 211 views.
  • My goal: double what would have been a year’s worth of stats for 2015.
    • Huh?
    • 114 visitors doubled is 228 (double that)
    • 165 views doubled is 330 (double that)
    • 2016 goal: 456 visitors and 660 views.

What’s most popular:

  • Other than the main blog page, right now the Carry On entry is the most popular by a significant difference.
  • The top source, other than search engines, is Facebook.  Tumblr is picking up the pace though.
  • The US is the most common location for my readers, but Brazil is a close second.

What’s coming up this summer:

  • Pinterest – I am playing with board ideas and will make some open to collaboration
  • I will have a better idea of how each social media platform will be used.
  • April is going to have at least 1 entry a day (maybe 2) while I attempt NaBloMo for the first time.
  • Instagram for images of what I am reading.  I am going to see if I can just feed a specific tag or something.
  • Summer plans: weekend posts  to deal with things outside of the three themed days.  I am enjoying the way I am doing things right now, but some things get missed because I tag them on to these entries.  You will see a few changes this spring, but by summer I hope to have all the kinks out.
  • Guest posts will be more common as I start inviting people to participate.

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