Weekly Meeting: Home Cooking

Home Cooking
Home Cooking

This week I am discussing Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen, the book I selected for the March meeting of my real-life book club.  Each of us picked a book based on a theme.  This month the theme was cook books and we all are bringing a dish from the book’s recipes.  Of course, I didn’t pick a traditional cook book.  I selected a collection of essays on food and cooking.  It had a small collection of recipes related to the chapter.


  • Book Lust
  • Maybe Book Riot’s Read Harder

What You Should Know

  • This book was originally published in 1988 so it doesn’t account for food trends since then.
  • These are essays about eating and cooking.  There are recipes, but some are just quick descriptions of how to make a standard dish a little more special.
  • The author, Laurie Colwin, was primarily a novelist.


There were no discussion questions to be found this week.  Why would my real-life book club pick a book without questions?  Well, they picked the theme and I picked the book.  I am not going to pass up the chance to read a book in the Book Lust challenge if I can avoid it.

I enjoy reading about food.  I just don’t enjoy reading traditional cook books.  They seem like a tease.  The pictures always look better than my final meal.  It’s not that I am a bad cook, I just don’t learn best be reading.  Yes, I am aware that I am a very avid reader.  I just do better with kinesthetic cooking.  Let me figure it out by cooking it a few times.

I enjoyed reading about cooking from a non-chef.  Colwin is a novelist who likes cooking and eating.  She uses her experience to fill these stories and establish expertise.  I like learning things from experts.  I like people who take the same to establish themselves as an expert.  I am more inclined to eat something new when a food expert suggests it (as opposed to my mother, who, alas, is not a food authority).

Oh, and I got a few quick and easy recipes for my own cooking.  That is always nice.

Who Will Like

  • People who like reading about food.
  • People who like finding new recipes and variations on foods they like.

Other Books This Week

  • Fer-de-Lance – I read my first Nero Wolfe mystery.  I was meh, but I suspect it was because of the age of the work.  It is one thing to write a book set in the 1930/40s with a modern tone, but another to read it in the time and place.
  • Dubliners – Yes, my first Joyce also this week.  I love interconnected short stories and the audiobook reader (Frederick Davidson- who had done a number of solid audiobooks) did an understandable Irish brogue.
  • Locke & Key, Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega – I finished the series!  Yes, I loved it all.  I promptly bought a set of the graphic novels.

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