Looking Back At March

I was very vague about what I would be reading in March.  It was a busy month and there were times when I worried I wouldn’t finish anything.

I only expected to read two books, neither of which I was able to finish, but both of which are still being read.  So, let’s look at the remainders list.

Remainders List:

  1. The Martian – now that the movie is on DVD, I am back on the wait list.
  2. The Golden Bowl – I have the ebook, but it’s not an easy read.
  3. The Road from Coorain – I have started this and am about half way through the book.
  4. Dead Wake – I am listening to this right now and also halfway through!
  5. Blanche on the Lam – sitting on my night stand…
  6. David Copperfield – 36 hours of Richard Armitage is still 36 hours.  I am only 10 hours in.

What books will I be covering for April?  No idea.  Right now I am trying to just focus on reading in general and keeping up with the writing.  It’s not that easy.

I am also very excited about the monthly statistics too.  I don’t know how, but I had 114 visitors this past month.  My goal of 456 visitors during the year is well within reach.  I fully expect to top that this month since I am writing every day, not just 3 times a week.


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