Reading Confession: I Skip Parts of Books

I don’t always read every single word of the books I read.  I am completely comfortable confessing this.  Sometimes I have to skip lines, paragraphs, chunks, pages, and chapters.

I dislike reading religious prayers and songs in fiction. I know it means nothing, but there is a part of me that feels like reading the prayer or song is a kin to praying it.  If I see one coming, I skip ahead.

Sorry, not sorry.

I skip the quotes at the beginning of chapters.  Always have and always will.  I also skip the ones that some authors put at the start of the story.  I get it.  These quotes connect to your story.  I just don’t care.

Sorry, not sorry.

I don’t always pay attention to audiobooks.  That’s the same as skipping.

Sorry, not sorry.

When I read Dark Sun (about making bombs in the 40s and 50s) I routinely skipped the heavy science stuff from the US and Russia because it was too complex and boring.  I was far more interested in the espionage and politics.

Sorry, not sorry.

I don’t feel bad about any of this. Reading is about me as a reader. I gain nothing by forcing myself to read things I don’t want to read. So many of the books I am hung up on (Grapes of Wrath) are those I can’t get through for one reason or another.  I feel bad when I can’t get through the book. I feel bad for me. I fel bad that I can’t finish something.  I don’t skip something in every book I read nor do I do it often.  I just know, like with writers block, it is OK for me to skip something rather than let it drag me down.

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