Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon: Mid-Day Check

My reading journal with notes about today's progress.
My reading journal with notes about today’s progress.

This is a mid-day check in for the Readathon.  I have completed three books and it is just lunch time.  I am within 40 minutes of finishing the 4th.

I thought last night, as I was getting comfy with Cedric and eating pizza, that I didn’t have to wait for the readathon to start.  I could start reading when ever I wanted.  I started making a list of what I wanted to read.  It was a long list.  It dawned on me that I could focus on finishing books today.  So, I made my list, noted the start point, and read what I wanted as long as I wanted.  I have a huge collection of audiobooks to get through.  Instead of holding out for midnight, knowing I never stay up that late now, I read instead of watching TV.

Cedric was up early (5:30am) so, I started right away.  I have only listened to the audiobooks when I can’t read an print or ebook.  I only took a 13 minute break because I went to the gym and I can’t read and ride the stationary bike at the same time.  Why?  Because the bikes I like are like a video game and I need to pay attention so I can beat myself.  I took another 10 minute one to talk Cedric.  I have begun to enjoy walking him without distraction.

The rest of the day will be busy.  I have to visit my grandfather and then go to the second Passover seder with cousins.  I can’t read when I am with others.  I will be listening to David Copperfield on the drive there and back.

Until then, know I have finished 3 of 15 books, am close to finishing the 4th, and I have made significant process in two others.

A final review tomorrow!



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