Give Away #3: Jane Steele

Jane Steele – today’s give away!

This pains me… PAINS ME.

If you read yesterday’s post then you know I loved this book.

Also, I love this cover.

I promised myself I would give it away.   I mean, I still have the ebook copy.

I can do it!

Do you want it?

If so, leave a comment and on Friday I will pull a name out of a bowl.

It will be yours, I promise.  I won’t ‘lost it’.  I promise…


0 thoughts on “Give Away #3: Jane Steele

  1. I love love love getting books from people that they read. I used to this thing with my friends where once we read a book (ideally adding some cute quotes or underlining funny things …), we would sent it on to the next friend. Then they would add something. Kinda like the sisterhood of the traveling pants but with books. I would love to do this with this book. The cover is beautiful.

  2. I saw this book, I read your post on it.

    I. Want. It.

    As someone who’s obsessed with both period pieces and criminal minds, this strikes the balance. I own two different copies of Jane Eyre, am buying the movies and have watched every murder show known to man.

    Pretty please?

  3. No! I haven’t read that one. Now it’s added to the Goodreads TBR list. I did read Mr. Darcy Vampire, by the same author and didn’t really like it. I am such a sucker for a Mr. Darcy story, so I will give her another chance. I am more a Macfadyen fan, but in reality I have cast him as Richard Armitage in my head and I refuse to give that up.

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