Summer Reading! WIN PRIZES!


Ok, so do you want to try a summer reading program?

What if there are prizes?

Let’s do it!

This is going to be simple.  The more you read, the more chances you have for prizes.  Your goal: read 5 books and get 1 ticket to the raffle.  For every additional 5 books, you get another ticket.

You can also earn bonus tickets.  If you want to submit a review or discussion of the book (similar to what I do for a weekly book club meeting), you get a bonus ticket for each one you do.

When will all this happen?  From June 1 – August 11.  That’s 10 weeks (and a few extra days) to submit.  Everything must be submitted by August 11, 2016 to be considered.

I’ve actually made a sheet to track your reading: 2016 Summer Reading Chart

Here is the format for reviews:

  • Your Name:
  • Title of Book:
  • Basic facts: (give 3 points)
  • Review/Discussion: (write about 1 paragraph)
  • Who Will Like: (list 2 types of readers)

Need ideas on how to do those elements?  Check out weekly meeting posts.  Don’t want to do more than write the review/discussion?  Skip the facts and deciding who will like!  Want to cover something I already read?  Sure, why not!

What about prizes?

They will be a mix of things from upcoming conferences.  It may be books, book art, free stuff the vendors give away (TOTE BAGS! PENS!), and it could be things other people give me to give away.  I don’t know yet.  I will pull raffle winners as long as I have things to give away.  There is a good chance you will get multiple prizes because… well, I only have so many readers.

There will be a grand prize as well.  For the person who reads the most.  That person gets a $50 gift card for Out Of Print– you know, the place that makes the pretty book cover t-shirts.  If the winner reads more than I do, then I will add another $10 to that.

The point is, this is for fun.

All I ask is that you read adult or mature YA books.  I know a lot of people who read middle grade books.

Every Thursday over the summer I will post all the book reivews/discussion that came in since the last post.  Don’t worry, I will provide book cover graphic (unless you want something special) and will do all the heavy lifting.  I will even link to your blog, twitter feed, email address, Facebook profile, or whatever you want.  Why?  For fun!

You will be able to see a tracking page that will show how many sheets you have submitted and how many reviews/discussions you have sent in.

So, those are the basics!  You have some time to think about it.  The very basic you have to do to participate if read 5 books.

Ask questions.  When we get closer to June 1 I will put up a reminder with FAQs.

In other summer news…

  • In June I am doing a big Harry Potter re-read with the audiobooks and the Hogwarts library books.  This is all leading up to a family trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL.
  • I suspect I will increase posts to 4 a week this summer.  April hasn’t been too difficult to manage, but 7 days a week may be too often just now.



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