Author Talks: Mehmed Ali, my colleague

Author Mehmed Ali
Author Mehmed Ali

A few weeks ago I mentioned that one of my colleagues published his first book: Yousuf Karsh John Garo The Search for a Master’s Legacy.  It has been exciting to see a new author enjoy the ability to share his work with new people.

On Thursday night, Mehmed gave a talk about his new book at the Whistler House Museum of Art (yes, that Whistler, he was born in Lowell).  I went for a variety of reasons and it was a great talk.

Of course, like most authors, he talked about the book itself.  Since this is non-fiction, he shared stories about how this book started and about the men he had researched.  One thing he did, something I have never seen before, was that he got an actor to come and play the role of John Garo.

John Garo… or an actor?

It was interesting to meet the character of John Garo rather than just hear Mehmed talk about him.  I wish he had done the same for Karsh and let the two interact with each other.  A biography is designed to let a reader meet a person from history.

What I learned is that there is a lot about Karsh out there already.  It is Garo who is not as well known.  I went home ready to read the book.

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