Taking a week off…

Hi All,

I am taking a week off from the blog.

I need it, I deserve it, and I want it.  I realized that I have been doing this nearly a year without a break.  Not that this is a lot of hard work.  It is enjoyable work.  I love reading, I like sharing, and I like talking about myself.  I just need a week.  I am actually away at my second of 3 conference this summer.  In fact, a longer break will come at the end of June when I am in Orlando in full on librarian/book geek mode.  More on that later.  These next 2 conferences are big.  This week I am presenting at one on Cape Cod about the work I have done with Wikipedia.  At ALA I am moderating a panel about programming and events in academic and school libraries.  I need time to prepare and practice.  I will obviously still be reading, but I don’t want to let this fall by the wayside and leave people hanging.

Here is the thing about taking a break and not acknowledging it (for me at least), it will be harder to come back.  I do this often.  I need a break, I skip out on things without acknowledging it, and I never come back because I feel guilt for leaving.  Then I feel guilt for feeling guilty because I don’t owe anyone anything… yada yada yada.  It’s me and I know me well enough to know that this is also about me.  I am giving myself permission to take the break.  Basically: welcome to my head.

Anyway, I will be back in a week with some announcements about my planned (and maybe ignored) summer reading program.  Until then: READ!


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