Harry Potter Re-Read Coming in June!

Harry Potter Books

I may have mentioned this already, but at the end of June I am going to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my family.

We are all very excited, except maybe my mother.  She is excited for different reasons.  She is the only one of the 5 of us who has not read any of the books or seen any of the movies.  When I sorted my family members into their houses and then shared it, this was how it went:

My father: Gryffindor (he flies through hurricanes and thus that adrenaline driven bravery)

My sister: Slytherin (she is not evil, but manipulative and has no fucks to give)

My sister-in-law: Gryffindor (she is an air force medic and also has that adrenaline driven bravery)

Me: Ravenclaw (my priority in life is to learn as much as possible and be the smartest)

My mother: Hufflepuff (I always seen a true Hufflepuff as nurturing; my mother has patience – most of the time- and values fairness)

The responses, mostly agreement.  My sister protested, but eventually realized I was right about this.  It took her a little while to remember that Slytherin’s aren’t necessarily evil.  My mother, though, gave me a blank look and said “I have no idea what you are talking about.”  No, this was not denial.  She literally has no idea what we are talking about.

My mother’s excitement for the trip is that this is our first family vacation in years.

In preparation for the trip, I am going to jump feet first back into the Harry Potter books.  I have seen all the movies plenty of times.  It has been years since I read the books.  I own all 7 books, the 7 audiobooks, and the 3 book Hogwarts Library.  I am going to listen to all 7 audiobooks and read all 3 books in the Hogwarts Library.

Other than Philosopher’s Stone, which I already mentioned here, I will be discussing the books here, especially those in the Hogwarts Library, 2 of which I have not read.  By the end of the month, and into July, there will be more about my trip in Orlando.  Between the ALA conference and WWHP, I am sure there will be plenty to talk about.

Want to be part of it?  In the comments here, you can leave your memories and opinions of reading each book in the series.  I will post them when I post about that book.


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