Recollection Wednesday: Ch-ch-ch-changes!

Recollection Wednesday

Recollection Wednesday is the day I look back and where I have been as a reader, writer, knitter, person, etc.  Typically it will be connected to a book I have read in the past.  By past I mean, not this week.  This is still not a book review, but like with many book clubs, the time we spend drinking and talking about our lives.  

Clearly, things are changing here at the blog.  As my interests change, I make changes here.  I am also thinking of the future and want to create something people want to read.  Re-reading Harry Potter has been much more influential on this change than I anticipated it would be.  It has been over 10 years since I first read the series and almost 9 years since the last book was published.

When I think of where I was when I started reading the series and where I am now, it is all very different while being very similar.  The past year has been full of changes.  Actually, the past 2 years have been full of changes.  I tend to seek change when I am feeling angry of complacent.  So, the past year, other than this blog, what has changed?

Cedric Doggery
Cedric Doggery – Age 1
  1. Cedric Doggery has become part of the family.  I would love him to be the Hufflepuff I pretend he is, but in reality he is completely a Slytherin.  I have become that puppy mother though and I had pictures taken.   After the first year, we have hit a stride in our life management.  Someday he may actually be a Hufflepuff.
  2. I am shifting from writer to author as I attempt to publish my first novel.  I have published a short story in a literary magazine I am a part of organizing.  We are already working on issue 2 of the magazine and I am editing my second novel.
  3. I rarely talk about it, but I design knitting patterns.  In the past year I have taken it to a new level.  This year I started adding a cost, albeit small price, to my patterns and creating more.  I hope to have a brand new one coming out at the end of the month.
  4. On a sadder note, I went from having 4 living grandparents, to losing both grandmothers in less than 2 months.  It has, in some ways, been a difficult year.  I miss my grandmothers, but we knew this was coming eventually.  So few of people get to be 40 with all their grandparents alive.  I am glad I knew both my grandmothers as an adult.
  5. In January I had an epiphany regarding some anger at work.  It is very complicated, but I decided to be honest about what I wanted and work to get there.  Since then I have been honest with my boss and he has provided me with a variety of opportunities to build the portfolio I need to advance my career as a librarian.  I also got involved in things on my own and I am so much happier now.

Let’s see what happens next year.  A few things are brewing and it’s time to see what comes from the mix.

There will be changes to this blog over the next few weeks.  Primarily, a broader focus on me beyond reading.  It will probably still relate to reading, but the time has come to think bigger.

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