Let’s Set A Goal! No Seriously, I need a new one… Can I have yours?

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Guys, now that I have only a handful of months to wait before the publication of my first novel, I need a new freaking life goal!  I mean, I didn’t really think this would happen and now I have no fucking clue what could be a major way to top this.

Let’s be clear, I can top this.

It’s just that I can top it easily.  I need something momentous that may take the rest of my life to achieve.

Last week I talked about how important it is for me to have goals, but setting those goals takes time.  Why?  Well, it’s not like “I will rule the world” and that is it.  Setting a goal has to be achievable and within my power to attain.

Publishing a novel worked like this:

  1. I must come up with an idea for a novel
  2. I must write the novel
  3. I must edit the novel
  4. I must find someone to publish the novel
  5. I must decide, if nobody wants to publish it, if self-publishing achieves this goal.

It’s seems simple to achieve, but obviously it’s not or more people would be publishing novels.

For me, a goal must be 2 things:

  1. Measurable
  2. Within my power to achieve

Measurable doesn’t mean I always have to have a metric to set for achievement.  It means there is a way to define it as a success.  In this case, having a printed copy of the published book in my hands is how I would measure it a success.

A goal is in my power to achieve if most of the steps are things I control.  I controlled finding the idea (not a problem for me, specifically), writing (thank you NaNoWriMo for your help with that), editing (thank you Laura and Barbara who also helped with that), and identifying potential publishers.  What was out of my hands: that said publishers would want to publish (thank you Royal James Publishers for saying yes).  So, 80% of that goal was within my control and only required motivation.

Yes, motivation is a killer, but I typically only set goals for things I really want to do, not have a weird fantasy about how awesome it would be to do without context of reality.  Ruling the world sounds fantastic, but would probably suck.  My evidence: the way a US President ages.  Just Google that…

So, as I look for a new goal I am thinking about all of that.  The big question that I have been playing with for at least a month is: well, what do I want to do?  All I keep coming back to is: I don’t have any idea.

I know there is a new goal out there and I know I just have to keep turning it over in my mind.  I have plenty to do in the mean time.  What I have to really learn to do is to sit back and enjoy my success.  The past year has had some big things happen that I need to really enjoy.  Shifting focus to a new goal will keep me from doing it.  It is just really difficult to do when you know you work best with a goal.

As it is, I am taking suggestions, which I will promptly ignore.  What big goals do you have?  Can I borrow them for a while?

0 thoughts on “Let’s Set A Goal! No Seriously, I need a new one… Can I have yours?

  1. One of my goals are to get 2,000 subscribers to my site by September 1. Also to write more consistent on my site with also maintaining my other writing assignments. Good luck on all your goals & future success!

    1. That’s a great goal and the type I like. With the blog I like to double traffic, but subscribers is something to consider next year. I could look to the blog for some really big goals too.

  2. That’s great having goals are key to achieving success. I always live by “If you think big you will achieve big”. Thinking realistic only holds you back from achieving our destined success.

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