What To Do With The Next Eight Months?

It is going to be 8 more months before Modern Persuasion comes out.  I have tons of things to do between now and then.  I have another novel to edit and submit to publishers.  I have November’s National Novel Writing Month to prepare for.  I have three conferences to prepare for, at least one of which I will be presenting at.  I have a day-long conference that I am a co-planning.  I have work and knitting and cuddling with Cedric Doggory.

I also have to manage my own anxiety about the publication.  Why? Because it started this week.  The idea of a blog tour next year is exciting.  All these people reading my books and reviewing it for their readers sounds so fun.  Going to book clubs over the summer is exciting.  This week, I realized: oh crap, what happens when someone doesn’t like it?  What if someone doesn’t like it and can’t find something nice to say about it?

How much they may hate me…

I was somewhat prepared for this moment.  Knowing published authors has helped me begin to process this anxiety, but there is the academic idea of this and the reality of this.  The reality really is anxiety inducing.

How am I going to deal with it?  Hopefully by getting lost in the book again.  Fridays are going to be devoted to helping you get to know Modern Persuasion and how I am keeping busy while I wait for March 20th.

8 long months of waiting….

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