Sorry- I Am Busy Playing Pokemon

My first gym win- I have no idea what it means…

I tried to think of something to write today and I kept coming up with nothing.  Why?  Mostly because I am too busy playing Pokemon Go.  I started playing last Thursday and I am obsessed.  I was never a Pokemon fan and I still have very little context for what I am doing.  What I enjoy are games like this.  I like games where you collect things, level up, and move around the world to discover new parts of the game.  Actually, I like unlocking new levels, new achievements, and leveling up more than anything else.

Pokemon Go is not my only thing I do this with.  I do this at the gym.  The stationary bikes I like allow me to do this.  They have games where I can collect coins to open up new game levels.  They have achievements I can unlock.

Give me a badge of various levels and I will go out of my way to accomplish something.  I loved badges in Girl Scouts.  I did this with Toastmasters until I had no more things to accomplish that got me some type of reward.  Even now I keep looking for systems that reward me for doing more and getting more involved.  I wish I could earn badges for blogging.  NaNoWriMo has started doing this, but they are internal and just digital graphics.  I enjoy tangible things that I can display.  Displaying is very important to me…

A what-ever-you-call-this on Cedric
A what-ever-you-call-this on Cedric

Don’t worry, I will get bored of Pokemon Go.  That I am really limited to only collecting things at work (where I sit in the range of 2 spots) means I will get busy and stop playing.  I live in an area that is more suburb than urban.  It limits how many spots and gyms are around me.  Until then… well, I will take tips on how to level up faster or catch the best Pokemon.  Like most, I easily get the weak ones and can’t seem to lure the really good ones.

No, winning this game (if there is a winning) is not my new goal.  I am just working through a momentary obsession…

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