Knitting Adventures: Ravellenic Games


I am suppose to be watching the Olympics, right?  Alas, I am not.  Instead I am watching… well, I am watching anything else.  I just have no interest in the Olympics unless we are talking about the winter and figure skating.

What I am interested in is a related knitting competition called the Ravellenic Games.  It is run by Ravelry, the knitting social network. Yes, there is an entire social network for knitters/crocheters/spinners.  I spend A LOT of time on it.  I spend more time there than I do on Facebook.  The Ravellenic Games have been something they have done for many years.  It corresponds with the Olympic games.  We all start our projects with the opening ceremonies and the whole thing ends with the closing ceremonies.  What we complete during that period is entered and you win simply by participating.

uploadedImage-1.jpgI did this for the first time two years ago for the Winter Olympics.  I had been aware of the competition, but never thought to participate until I realized I was being silly.  I had one item to submit, a pretty cowl that I keep for fancy things.  I didn’t really get involved because I wasn’t precisely sure how it worked.  Since then I have gotten a better idea and I took more of an initiative this year.

This year I have a bunch of small projects to work on instead of bigger ones.  I am using it to prepare for other knitting projects.  Bonus, by exhausting Cedric Doggery every night at the new local dog park, I am free to sit on the couch every night and each morning to work on my projects.  So far I have completed one project I already had on the needles before things started.  We call it a Work In Progress (WIP) and there is an entire category just for those.   That’s what I won in the Winter of 2014, by the way.

file_medium2.jpgWhat I am most proud of is this pretty shawl I finished in 24 hours.  This picture is of the entire thing, but I will post better details another time.  Why? Well, it is going to be part of a give-away that is coming up.  It will also have a pair of matching fingerless mitts in the same yarn.  Still, it was nice to get something done quickly and move on.  It was also nice to use yarn that has been sitting in my house for over a year.

There is a lot of yarn that has been sitting in my house for over a year.  My guest room serves more as a yarn shop for me.  You can even see if in this picture… there is a bag with some yarn from my grandmother and a box of finished projects that I need to post for sale on Etsy…

I have a problem, I can admit it.

The goal of this year is to use as much of my yarn as I can.  Not just for this competition either, but for all my projects.  I only buy yarn for specific projects that I am ready to work on.  Hopefully, the Ravellenic Games will help me get some of these projects made.

Next: get the finished projects into the hands of people who will use them.

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