New Knitting Pattern: Tilted Head Hat

IMG_5024_medium2.jpgI have not talked extensively about my knitting here, but knitting is a big part of my life.  One of the many reasons I like audiobooks is because I can knit while I listen.  Many of the women in my family knit and living in the north east has made it very easy to get access to great yarn.  One of my favorite things about winter is that I can wear almost all the things I create.  Also, when I am knitting something big, it helps keep me warm.

I designed my first project within the first few years of knitting. It was nothing complicated, but I couldn’t find a pattern online so I created my own.  It was toy blocks for my cousin’s new baby.  From there I really only created something when I needed it.  This is true even now.  That’s how my most recent design came into being.

IMG_5020_medium2.jpgA year ago, to thank a friend, I knit her a poncho.  I had extra yarn and when she helped me out again this summer, I was ready to thank her right away.  In the spring I started hunting for a matching hat pattern.  I knew I had enough yarn to make one, but I couldn’t find anything in the pattern.  I knew I wanted to make a slouchy beret.  I have knit enough from other people that I know what I like with a hat like this.

That’s when I decided to design my own hat.  I took adjustments I had made to the poncho pattern and mixed them with elements from my favorite hats.  Things have to be decided like: how many stitches are necessary to make the band stretchy enough, but not too tight or loose.  It is trial and error, but I knew enough to only have 1 re-start of the actual hat.

Now, today, I am releasing the hat pattern for free for a month.  If you are a knitter, this is your chance to try it out and let me know any errors.  There is a chart and written directions.  I need other eyes to help me make sure they match.

The link to see the pattern on Ravelry is here.  The project is free.  If you aren’t on Ravelry, let me know in the comments.  Also, be ready to explain why you are a knitter who isn’t on Ravelry.

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