Happy Gotcha Day Cedric Doggery!

IMG_5350.jpgWhat a crazy year it has been!  This blog has allowed me to share so much in the past year. One of the biggest changes in my life has been welcoming Cedric Doggery into it.  To the outside, a lot of my choices may seem like whims.  What you don’t see if the internal debate, the research, and the struggle I deal with.  What most people see if the excitement of a decision made.

The decision to get a puppy was 10 years in the making.  When I adopted Sabine, I had first considered a puppy.  I had gone to a local shelter, fallen in love with a dog, and been irritated when they insisted I apply to adopt her only to have them then lose my application.  A friend at the time thought maybe it had been for the best since a dog may have been too much for my very fragile finances.  A cat, on the other hand, could be cuddly and far less costly.

For years I justified the no-puppy decision in other ways:

  • I couldn’t easily come home from work to spend time and walk a dog.
  • I travelled a lot and couldn’t afford boarding costs.
  • I had a busy life and wouldn’t have time to spend with a dog.
  • I simply could not afford vet bills, day care, food, toys, grooming.
  • Sabine, a spoiled only child, would not react well to something new coming into the house.
  • Did I want to pick up poop 2-3 times a day for the next 10+ years?

IMG_5351.jpgThen, about 2 years ago, I realized I could afford a dog financially.  I realized, 18 months ago, that I could leave work at lunch and go home for walking.  Then, 14 months ago, I decided I wanted a dog enough to justify the cost.  I didn’t have to force a dog into my life because there was room for one.

Now it has been a year since Cedric came into my home.  We are both still struggling to make everyone here comfortable.  By everyone I mostly mean Sabine who, as I expected, has not gotten use to our high energy puppy.  Still, I don’t know what this year would have been like if Cedric hadn’t been part of it.

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