Re-Assessing Life Goals: Publishing

Re-Assessing My Life Goals

I have spoken a couple times about what I want to do now that I have achieved the goal of publishing a novel.  As I think of what comes next when it relates to writing and publishing, I am struck with a lot of smaller goals:

  1. I want to publish my second, third, fourth, etc novels!
  2. I want to get published with a bigger publisher.
  3. I want to work with an agent for my Elementals Trilogy to get the best deal possible for the universe.  There are books and stories beyond the main trilogy and want to sell the entire package to 1 publisher.
  4. I want a book trailer for something I publish.
  5. I want to serialize a novel, but not just give the story away for free.
  6. I want an audiobook of my novel.
  7. I want to see my novel in an airport store.
  8. I want collector editions of my novels.
  9. I want to have someone buy and build an archive around my books.
  10. I want a NYT best seller.

You can see there are things I want, but they are all somewhat possible to achieve.  As long as I keep working and honing my craft, I have the potential to achieve them all.  A life goal, for me, has to be something that will take work and effort.  They have to be BIG for me.  Yes, some of these are going to take a ton of work and effort.  Yes, I will learn so many new things along the way.  They just feel tame.

Why?  I think it the roots of my life goals rest on my confidence and ego.  The idea of a getting PhD, for example, was built around my ego.  It is impressive to get a PhD, it takes a lot of work and effort, I will learn plenty from it, and my confidence will soar as a result.  I gave it up because it doesn’t fit on the path I am currently taking.  It doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it, just that its a detour I don’t want to take anymore.

Publishing a novel is pretty impressive to most people.  This was why it was originally the end of a path I was on.  All those goals listed above are just stops along a path.  I am still not sure where that path ends.  Is it my new writer’s retreat?  That’s a strong possibility!  See, starting that retreat is more than the house and the B&B, there is authority in it.  Not the authority of expertise and success, but the authority of knowing people and having tried to do these things (even if I fail).  I keep asking myself: why would people want to come to *my* retreat over others?  What can I offer that others can’t?

My friends, after I wrote the last entry about the writers retreat, all seem to be falling in love with the idea.  Others find it more amusing than unachievable.  Then there are those who are sharing the dream with me and want to be part of it.  This is a new thing for me: having others want to be part of this goal.  Not just to help me achieve it for myself, but to share in the achievement as part of their own goals.

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