NaNoWriMo: Day 14


It has been a rough week.  Not for writing, things are coming along beautifully with the writing.  It has just been a tough week.  I don’t think anyone will really wonder why.  I have turned to writing as a way to help process what is going on in the US.   Here is what has gone on this week:

  • As I move through the Elementals Trilogy, I am beginning to realize this may be far more than just three books.  Right now I think the first book has enough content to be split into 2 books and the trilogy may work as 5 books.  There is a theme with the first book: learning who you are and how well you can know the people you love.  I may tinker with the theme a bit for the second half to see if it can be sustained with an entire book. With that in mind, I am going to stop calling it a trilogy and start calling it a series.
  • That being said, setting the first half of book 1 in New Orleans has made it quite clear that I need to go back there in the next few years.  I want to address why this all happen in New Orleans and have the city play a bigger role in the story.  That is going to require some research because this all happens well before Hurricane Katrina.  I need to be there and talking to long time residents.
  • The focus on cities has me rethinking how I laid things out geographically.  Each story seems to take place in 1 or 2 specific cities.  I have to consider how much the city plays a role in each story.  Will understanding the city make the story seem more cohesive?
  • The Northanger Abbey story development has been very fun.  I am focused on developing the Tilney family and the Allens.  The Tilney family has been a lot of fun to write.  This week I focused on the Allens.  As I wrote, I realized I need to visit more haunted places, I need to visit conventions and expos related to hauntings, and I need to be part of things like seances.  I have been thinking that Christi can focus on all this as she knows this better than I do.  Now I feel like I should be more involved in this.
  • I am not yet half way through the month, but I am over half-way to my goal of 50,000 words.  From what I can tell of where I am in my very basic outline for the month, I am pretty much done with the content I want to write for Northanger Farm.  I have a few ideas that may get written, but only if I need it.  I am only in the middle of the detailed outline for book 1 of the Elementals Series. Moving forward I am going to be focusing on that outline.

This week will be my big push to get a nice buffer or words.  With Thanksgiving on it’s way, I know I won’t get any writing done.

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