November is Over, What About December?

November is over!  Well, in about 12 hours… Twelve long hours in what may be a pretty crummy month.  Does this mean December will be super awesome?  Nope!  It just means it will be December and time remains a social construct!

In a few hours we will know the final results of my 2016 NaNoWriMo projects.

In a few hours I will cease to write original ideas until April.

In a few hours I will shift back into re-writing and editing.

In a few hours I will start my second attempt at NaBloPoMo!

You may recall I did this back in April.  Technically, I should have done it in November, but I didn’t want to do both writing events.  I recall last year having a ton of posts I wanted to write and feeling unable to write it all on my typical schedule.  This year there will be none of that.

For the 31 days of December, I will be posting every day.  Some (many) entries will be boring filler.  Some will be reflections of a weird, but fascinating year.  Others will look forward.  A few will be my continued effort to find the right voice for a blog that is about more than my reading and writing.  I have been looking at the stats and their changes over the past year.  I have 4 times as many readers now, but I want to continue to grow and the questions to do this include how, where, and even why?

All of this will be explored as well as some additional topics in the month of December.

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