My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

My Newest Obsession: Bullet JournalsI am prone to obsessions.  I have always loved collecting journals.  I am a list maker, a goal setter, and life tracker.  I like having an analog journal and calendar, not just digital ones.  I like being able to sit in bed or on the couch, and reflect on what I have going on, what has to happen next, and planning it out.  For example, I have a whole journal devoted to publishing the books.  It is divided into sections for each book.  There is primarily just notes about where things are in the publishing cycle, promotion ideas, to-do lists, and maybe a few story develop ideas.


I have known about Bullet Journaling for a while.  A number of my friends embraced it.  I have danced around the edges of Bullet Journaling.   I have been trying to find a system that works, but other than this publication journal, I have not found anything that works for me.  I tried random lists on paper, I have tried smaller journals, I have tried a second journal like the publishing one for other events.

Then the NaNoWriMo coffee crawl happened.  The first part of my day was spent with my friend Rona, another published author and someone I am learning a lot from.  During writing breaks we showed off our journals and she gave me some blogs to check out in relation to bullet journaling.

IMG_5892.jpgWhat is it?  It’s a way to organize your life around the year, month, week, day, and aspects of life.  It allows you to plan ahead, keep track of now, and then look back at what you have accomplished.  It is a way for people to mix their practical needs with a creative output.  Instead of pre-printed planners and calendars, you build your own design that can evolve to fit your needs.

I have a few journals that are being converted.  I carry around a daily journal where I keep track of basic thing: things I have to do, appointments, shopping lists, travel plans, etc.  Then I have one for this blog where I am keeping track of what I am working on in relation to the blog and eventually the published books (and any other business I may start online).  Then I have a work on, which is solely for work related things.  Even if none of the other journals make a difference in my life, the work related one is probably going to be exactly what I need at work.

img_5889Next step in this: find spreads and layouts that work for me.  The nice thing about the bullet journal is that I can tinker with the design of layouts until I find one that works best for me.  Then I can make them into things I print on the computer and just stick in the journal instead of drawing it over and over.

Another next development: knitting, writing, reading, and travel journals.  I need to see if the bullet journaling system works for these things.  I have been looking at layouts other people use, but there doesn’t seem to be a plethora of examples.  It is probably going to involve me creating my own from scratch instead of basing ideas on examples from others.

Do you have a bullet journal?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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