Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Louisa

characters10In the original Persuasion, there were two Musgrove sisters.  I found there was no real need for two of them.  I had to ask myself what kind of woman Louisa would be in a modern world.  Originally she Anne Elliot’s opposite, but in reality she is a normal girl.  In the modern world, I considered Lousia’s role models.  While I haven’t done a profile for her mother yet, I have done them for the three Shaw sisters. These three women have had far more influence on her than anyone else.  Here are five things you won’t know about Louisa from reading the book.

  1. Unlike Emma, who doesn’t care for Austen novels, Louisa loves them.  Her favorite is Northanger Abbey because she firmly believes she could easily have been Catherine Morland.
  2. Her favorite movie is 10 Things I Hate About You.  She still mourns Heath Ledger’s death, but her favorite actor from the cast is Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Cameron.  She sees herself as a Bianca type woman and knows a complete dork is her prefect man.
  3. She is a NYC kind of girl, but not the hyper stylish type like Elizabeth or the literary type like Emma.  She is the girl who orders late night cookies be delivered to her.  This is a real thing…
  4. She and Mary spent one entire weekend on a couch, watching all of Gilmore Girls.  Louisa hates Rory, loves Paris, and is Team Jess only because she thinks he’s cute.  The story takes place before the Netflix series, but I can guarantee she still hates Rory…
  5.  She is obsessed with bullet journals.  She loves to doodle, do calligraphy, and organize her life.  It was a perfect storm for her.  She has a whole bullet journal for her wedding plans alone.


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