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My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

My Blog and Books Bullet JournalAs much as my daily bullet journal has been amazingly helpful, I realized I needed one just for the… well, mostly the blog.  It’s more than this blog though, it’s everything I am managing outside of work and life.  It is the writing, the publishing, the promotion, and everything else that could come after that.

I looked at what others have done for managing their virtual and creative businesses through bullet journals.  It doesn’t have the daily tracker of even weekly tracker of my daily bullet journal.  It focuses on the month and year.  Instead of appointments, I am tracking statistics and impact.  I want to see how things grow and change over big periods of time, not just what I have to do.   The read a longs will be planned out and tracked in this journal and so will the postcard club.  It will all happen here.

I went with a bigger journal for this one.  I wanted more space available to me to write.  I wanted to share a few of my spreads so you can see what is going on with this specific bullet journal.

The Current Index

For those who don’t know what makes a bullet journal so special, this index is part of it.  You use this index (and the numbered pages) to help you locate specific spreads.  This is how you can just keep going page by page without reserving multiple pages for specific spreads or calendar needs.

2 different spreads: 2017 goals and tracking book sales

This journal is large enough that most of my spreads only take up one page instead of 2.  I wanted to set three goals for next year.  Of course, these are quantifiable goals so I can easily measure them.  I also have a theme for the year: connections.  More about that another day.  Yes, I did find unicorn washi tape.  Yes, I bought 2 of them.  Yes, I may go and buy more.  Why?  Reasons.

The second page is set up to help me when it is time to track sales.  I will talk more about it in the future, but I am trying to find a way to set some metrics for success when it comes to publishing.  Knowing how many books are sold each month will help me do that.  I just hope I will be able to get that information.

Tracking impact made through the blog and other sources

Next we have my tracking of blog stats, FaceBook reach, and other statistics.  Again, I am trying to set metrics so seeing the data will help me do just that.  For example, I can see an increase in traffic to this blog, which suggests I am connecting to more people.  I can even start to look in detail at popularity of specific posts to see if certain types of posts connect better.  This will help me make decisions about how I want to develop this blog.

January's Plan

How do I manage to do 31 posts this month?  This is helping!  Each of these is written on highlighter flags.  This is an idea I got from a few other blogs.  I can remove them, move them around.  The ones at the top are posts that have already been done.  This way, I don’t move those around.  The calendars are the only ones that take up the two pages so I can use these flags.  I can also note accomplishments and ideas for the next month.

February's Plan

This, alternatively, is the current version of the January plan.  I am still playing with spacing.  Thats another great thing about bullet journals.  I can make changes to the February when I lay out that one.  This spread is clearly messier than December, but I am still playing with ideas for the month.

reflection and planning

This is the last one I have to share.  This is space for me to reflect and plan my next steps based on what I learned.  The second page is more focused on those goals I set for the year, but the first page is more focused on what I took away from the month.  It’s pretty blank because I am still just trying to get through the month.  I am nowhere near ready to reflect on anything.

So, that is what the blog/books bullet journal looks like now.  Maybe in a few months I will do an update and show you how things have evolved.   I mean, this is assuming I don’t give it up.

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