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NaBloPoMo - Dec 2016
NaBloPoMo - Dec 2016
NaBloPoMo – Dec 2016

I don’t wear jewelry.  In fact, any jewelry I buy ends up becoming decoration.  My mother often offers to buy me a Pandora bracelet, but I refuse.  That is until I discovered the Charm With Me Club.

Suddenly, I needed to have a charm bracelet.  Why?  Geek stuff, specifically Harry Potter beads.

It’s your typical subscription box where you pay a monthly fee and get something sent to you.  I did it with Bark Box for Cedric until he had so many toys and treats that we needed a break.

This is for me and each month you get at least 2 charms.  I got my first three months: Cinderella, Fantastic Beasts (and MACUSA), and then Rogue One beads.  For Black Friday I bought a bunch of Harry Potter related beads that I had missed in other mailings.


You can see my Ravenclaw charm, the Sorting Hat, and my MACUSA charm.  There is also my Hogwarts letter, a snake, a witch, spells, Newt’s suitcase, and an OWL.  I am completely in love and know there are others out there who love this kind of thing.

No, I am not getting paid to post this.  I get nothing out of this.  I am just spreading the love.

Every month has a different theme, which is  shown to you all month.  Nothing is sent out until the month is over.  You can get a ‘surprise me’ option (I have yet to do this) if you don’t like the theme.  They will send you two decorative charms.  The first month you even get a free bracelet for all the charms.  You can buy additional ones (which I am pretty sure I am going to do for my non-Harry Potter charms).  They keep a store open all year, but supplies of older charms is limited.  They don’t take things out of the store if they are out of stock so you may see something you want and not be able to order it.  That being said, they did re-stock for their Black Friday sale so you may just have to wait it out.

I would wait for sales to buy older charms.  Not only because they re-stock, but because they offered a nice discount for Black Friday this year and I got everything I wanted with a nice discount.

Anyway, check out the Charm With Me Club for your geek charm bracelet needs!  Are you already doing this?  Share your favorite charms in the comments (or on Facebook).  I love seeing what other people have!

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