2016 Achievements

2016 Achievements

2016 Achievements

It was a crazy year.  I like to focus on the good things here.. or at least the things I can learn from.  I like to think about what I actually achieved during a calendar year.  I am really good with planning and visioning what is going to happen, but I never really stop and reflect on what happened.  I rarely sit back and enjoy my success with something.  This is one way I try to stop and do just that.

What were some big achievements that happened this year?

I got tenure at work.  This is huge and took a lot of work.  I was not in a great mental place for most of the 9 month process.  I don’t often talk about work here, but this is where 90% of my stress comes from.  Tenure allowed me to let it go.  I was no longer at the mercy of annual reviews.  I could set my own priorities and push for what I wanted to happen.  I am much happier at work now because of this.

I signed with a publisher to publish my first book!  You all should know this by now.  I spent a lot of 2016 dealing with building my confidence and learning from the experience.  This is going to continue into 2017, but this was a major life goal achieved.

What about the smaller achievements?  Not all of these are life altering, but are pretty impressive for me.

One of my health goals is to make exercise a regular part of my life.  I have been a member of my gym for nearly 5 years.  Sometimes I got 3-4 times a week, but there are other times when I only have the energy to get there once a week (typically in February).  This year I am finding myself far more active (mostly thanks to Cedric Doggery). I have been far more consistent with multiple visits to the gym each week, increased strength, and better stamina.

I published 2 knitting patterns this year.  One was surprisingly popular and also very flawed.  I am revisiting that pattern to make it easier to understand.

I participated in NaNoWriMo 3 times and completed the three projects that I wanted to finish.  I know, this isn’t always a big deal for me, but it is.  To be able to know how to set goals with my writing and maintain output is amazing.  To always be able to find something to write about is cathartic.  Writing gets me through a lot of stressful things.

I am a better pet parent because of 2016.  For a woman who never wants to have children, having a dog is surprisingly closer to the parenting experience than I expected.  The money spent is what I expected, but I the time and energy I have to spend entertaining a dog is not what I expected at all.  The dog park was a huge help and got me outside nearly daily through the summer.  Meeting other pet parents has been nice and helpful.  I get why parents tend to gravitate to other parents.

I got far more involved in Wikipedia than I ever expected.  Not as a researcher and librarian, but as an editor.  I learned about creating new entries.  I hit the 1,000 edit mark after years of editing.  I am establishing myself as an expert on Wikipedia, which will help with some long term goals.

What about you?  What did you achieve in 2016?  Were they big achievements?  Was it simply that you didn’t do something?  Share in the comments!

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