Bullet Journal Minimalism: Ways to Manage Editing Wikipedia

January 2017 Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia


Ways to Manage Editing Wikipedia

I am a Wikipedian and a bullet journal enthusiast.  I don’t know how many of us are out there, but keeping track of what I am doing with Wikipedia is important to my career, not just my personal life.

With this month’s adventure in editing Wikipedia, I have started a bullet journal just for my Wikipedia stuff.  I wanted to share how it is evolving from a notebook of meeting notes to an actual bullet journal.  Since I have found no other people using bullet journals to track their work with Wikipedia, I have made my own spreads.

Wikipedia does a good job of digitally tracking information, but all that information exists outside of any goals you may set.  It doesn’t do the greatest job managing personal projects and tracking progress.  That’s not to say it can’t, but these things have to be created using the wiki tool.

I have been applying what I have learning about bullet journaling to managing the Wikipedia related projects this month.  Here are some of the spreads.

img_5994 Instead of using the typical index of a bullet journal, I have changed this first section to the goals I have for the year, in relation to Wikipedia project.  This is all the goals I have: work and personal.  Why?  These are the most important part of what I am doing this year.  I am using washi tape to mark pages that relate to notes and other planning spreads.

I have found that the index, in both my work and personal bullet journals, are not something I use.  I update them every so often, but I have found putting washi tape on the edge of the page has been far more useful.  I am seeing if I will miss the index.  It is far too early to say here.

What are some of the goals?  There are those that relate to how many new edits, new entries, and new images I want to make.  These are the goals that are measurable because they are qualitative goals.  Then there are event and project goals.  I am trying to revitalize a group that works on entries related to Lowell.  I have an event that I am part of.  I have been speaking at conferences and am trying to get an article published.  All of these things will be measured in this journal.

img_5993Next, we have the year at a glance for these quantitative goals. Yes, I tried colored pen here, but that was because all I had when I started making this spread was 2 colored pens.  One ran out quickly, which reminded me why I should just stuck with traditional pen colors.  I am using this to look at how I do over the year.  Since I am doing a lot of work this January, I expect to see the most number of edits, new entries, and new images in this month, but this gives me a benchmark for the future.  If I do this again next year (which is likely), I can set goals based on what I actual do this year.

img_5992 One of my favorite aspects of the bullet journal system is that you can choose how you track things that have to be done over time.  This next spread has to do with what is happening in January.  This may be the only month I do this because I will have so much going on this month.  On the left I am tracking the daily number of edits, new entries, new images, bytes added, and bytes remove.  On the right, this is my weekly spread.  I am showing things going on that day that may impact the time I have to work on Wikipedia as well as ideas on what I can easily work on this week.  I also listed a section of things that are coming up soon, that may impact how much work I get done.

img_5991Finally, I want to share my daily spread. For me, of the spreads I have created so far, this is already the best spread I have created for what I am doing this month.  Here are the first two days, but I am continuing to use this layout moving forward.  On the right is a set of 26 boxes.  To reach 2,000 edits by the end of this month, I have to make about 26 edits a day.  No, I am not yet making that many regularly, but I can easily see that with the chart on the page.  On the left side of the day are the things I want to work on or notable things that happened.

What you can’t see, on the right page, are some notes I have made about learning how to manage projects.  These are personal notes, so I’m not sharing.

So, that is where I am with less than a week in.  I suspect this model can easily be used beyond Wikipedia, but for people trying to increase their involvement in editing and manage multiple projects and initiatives, bullet journaling is a great system to do that.

What do you think?  Where else can you apply these types of spreads?

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