30 Days of Wikipedia: Week 2 update

January 2017 Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia

30 Days of Wikipedia: Week 2 UpdateThe first week of January is over.  I have had a pretty busy week too.  Between going back to work after a vacation and driving out to Syracuse, NY… I have done a lot.

I am learning how to better manage my time and even though my goals are quantitative and measurable, I have found it very easy to get lost in editing Wikipedia at the expense of other activities.  I have worked extensively on two entries over the past week: David Rosenberg and Brunonia Barry (the later I created).  I also got some activity done on work projects related to Wikipedia.

Have I gotten 26 edits a day?  Only on one day and that was a day I was getting things ready for this work project.

So, why did I create an entry for Brunonia Barry?  Who is Brunonia Barry?  Back in October, at a local conference, she was there to promote her latest book.  Barry is a local, best selling author who has an amazing story of self-publishing her first novel and then having a publisher buy it and re-publish it.  I work on a lot of biography entries and I have created a number of entries for women writers.  When I saw a best selling author without an entry, I knew I needed to get it created.  I thought something would have been created in the last few months, but nothing had been so I finished up my entry this week and published it to Wikipedia.  There is an underrepresentation of women in Wikipedia’s biography entries.

What’s my plan for this next week?  I am going to work on an entry about notable people from Lowell.  Instead of one entry for each person of questionable notoriety, I am going to bring a bunch together in a big entry to see if that gets some traction from my other editors.  I will share it as I move forward on it over next week.  There is probably going to be a detailed spread in my journal for it.


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