30 Days of Wikipedia: January Wrap-up

finalwikipediaI know, I was suppose to do this post over a week ago.  I was busy being sick and everything got thrown off.  My 30 days of editing Wikipedia are over.  It was far more difficult this year to do just 30 days than it was last year to do 100.  I think it was because my goals was more ambiguous than they were last year.  There were days that I didn’t do more than monitor vandalism.

What I wanted to do in this post is review what I did, some of the things that happened, the goals I set, the way I kept things organized, and what I want to do moving forward.

One of my goals was to get to 2,000 edits.  Then I changed it to get to 1,500 edits.  In the end I didn’t make that many edits.  To be fair, it was always a very ambitious goal.  I never really intended to reach it, but I wanted to try.

I wanted to improve a few specific entries.  I wanted to participate in the #1Lib1Ref event.  I wanted to learn more about managing projects within Wikipedia.  In the end, I did start a lot of these, but never really finished.

One thing I played with was using a bullet journal system to manage the month.  Here are a few pictures of my Wikipedia Bullet Journal:

I didn’t realize how many stickers and ribbons I had until I started putting them into the journal.  I made sure to put all my Wikipedia related things into the journal. That included conference stickers, the #1Lib1Ref stickers I got both this year and last.  I focused on a daily spread rather than weekly or monthly.  As the month evolved, it was far easier to just set daily expectations.  I would split the day into 2 sections.  First, the tasks I wanted to make sure to accomplish that day mixed with big events that may have happened.  Second, I did something like a habit tracker.  That is, for those who don’t know bullet journaling, a way to tracking exactly how many edits I made each day.

You can also see the efforts I started making discovering which notable people of Lowell already had their own Wikipedia entry.  I didn’t get very far with it, but most of the historical people do have Wikipedia entries.  You can see one Wikipedia related content, a fellowship program I am working on right now.  I don’t want to get deep into it, but I am part of a campus ground working with teachers from around the world.  I presented to the group this week and I want to make sure I follow up with them though the next month.

So, the goals:

  1. Make it to 2,000 edits by the end of the month: No, didn’t even get to 1,500.
  2. Create 15 new articles: No, I did create 1 and started a new category.
  3. Help writer with his Wikipedia entry: Yes!  I still have some more work I want to do, but I made some big strides with it.
  4. Learn more about project management: turns out I need to learn more about project management in general and a few things are happening with that.
  5. 1Lib1Ref event participation: I did a few citation additions during this period, but not one a day.
  6. Other Wikipedia Projects: yes, these progressed nicely and continue to do so as we move forward.

While the month wasn’t as productive as I hoped it would be, it was productive (thus not a failure at all).  I am looking forward to continuing my work.  New goals:

  1. Have made 2,000 edits by June 2017 (I can do this if I just make an average of 3 edits a day).
  2. Create 14 new articles by June 2017 (that may take more thoughtfulness).
  3. Take some project management classes!
  4. Continue to expand the articles I have invested my time in already.

What do you think?  Tell me your thoughts and questions in the comments bellow!


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