Bullet Journal Minimalism: The Publishing Notebook

The Publishing Notebook

publishingnotebookIt has probably become clear that I love journals and the bullet journaling system works really well for me.  Since I am far more focused on function over design, I realized it made sense for me to have different journals.  I didn’t start keeping journals when I discovered bullet journaling, but it changed the way I did journal.  It focused it and helped me organize.  One good example of my evolving journal is my publishing notebook.

What is a publishing notebook?

My publishing notebook is my way of keeping track of all the novels and projects I have in production.  It isn’t where I put the research, the outlines, the character profiles, or anything related to the writing process.  This notebook focuses on what happens after I write: the process of publishing.

You can see some of the journal in these pictures

Most of the picture focus on the section for Modern Persuasion, but all my projects have a tab.  I use bullet journaling structure to keep it organized.  I keep an index for each project.  You can see one example of marketing to-dos for Modern Persuasion and a 4 month spread of what is going on each month.  I also keep pockets for loose items.

img_6095Writing Community Building

Not only do I track my own projects, but I track and plan the work I do with the local writing community.  This second keeps coming and going from this journal.  I take it out because it makes the notebook so bulky, but then I change my mind.  I find myself carrying two notebooks instead of one, getting annoyed with that, and merge them together again.  Right now it is back in. You can see I have new dividers for this section.

img_6101I recently changed to a bigger size of the disc-bound journals for this, hoping it would make it less bulky.  It didn’t make a difference at this point because I am still using the smaller notebook pages.  Eventually I will stop using those and hopefully it will work.

I mean, it doesn’t even freaking close right now because it’s so bulky.  What is important is that it’s all in once place and keeping me organized.  I know what I am suppose to be working on and where I am in the process for each work.

Where did I get all these elements?

I started with the Martha Stewart products.  Those are about A5 in size (half the size of a piece of paper).  Now I have moved into the Michael’s Happy Planner materials.  The current notebook is a mix of the two sets of supplies, but as things get removed or destroyed, they will be replaced with Happy Planner materials.

I plan on showing more over time, especially as this version of it evolves.  Until then, tell me what you think about it in the comments!  Any ideas on how to make it easier to close?


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