Persuasion Read-a-Long: Final Chapters

Persuasion Read-a-long

Persuasion Read-a-longHere we are discussing the last few chapters of the book.  This is the emotional climax, where Anne finally feels something other than regret.

I remember the emotional climax happening very differently.  I credit all the viewings of modern adaptations.  Ok, one adaptation repeatedly.  It always felt more climatic in the movie adaptation.

As I read the section, I kept waiting for something more climatic to happen, but just like with Northanger Abbey, it began to shift away from dialogue and into exposition (the narrator just explaining what happened).  It was frustrating to read, but I think it was the style of the time.  These days we don’t want a narrator coming in to wrap things up, even if the main character is the narrator.

I had a panic for a moment about Modern Persuasion.  It was a moment and I realized that modern authors often use epilogues to help the reader move forward and still stay with action rather than narration.  This book needed that.  A number of Austen novels need an epilogue.  They need to pull away from the main story and come back in the future.

My favorite line in the whole novel is


It really is the moment when the book starts to end.  They find each other, they chat about their decisions, and then exposition.  The end.

Side story, it is stolen in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (the movie).  I know because Christi and I just watched the movie and heard Darcy tell it to Elizabeth.  It was annoying!  I know why they did it, but it was annoying.  That line belongs to Captain Wentworth.  Back to the main conversation.

If you loved Persuasion and want to see an adaptation, I have two to suggest.

as the better adaptation.


as the more attractive Captain Wentworth (personal preference).

What are your thoughts?  Comment bellow!

Last, thank you to everyone who participated this time!  I hope you come back in the Fall for Emma!



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