Building a Press Kit- Ask Me Anything!

Creating a Press Kit- Ask Me Anything

presskit-faqhelpOne of the big parts of promoting a new book is creating a press kit.  This is a set of documents that journalists and bloggers can use to help write about you and your book.  It includes the press release about the book, photo of the author, and a list of frequently asked questions.  It saves a lot of time for the author to create one of these.  This way there are quotes and information easily available.  If someone has additional questions, then they can contact me or the publisher for those answers.

I have been working on mine, especially the press release for the book.  What I need to work on next are those FAQs to include.  I searched the web for questions that I should include, but I thought it would be fun to let my readers, friends, and family help me with this.

Here is how you can help: ask a question!  Do it in the comments here, post it on Facebook in response to this post, or even just email it to me.  At the end of March I will answer all the questions here, on the blog as part of another announcement, and I will let you know which will be added to the press kit.

Start simple!  Just post a question about me or Modern Persuasion bellow in the comments!


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