Goodbye Poppop: A Dedication to My Grandfather

A Dedication to My Grandfather

A Dedication to My GrandfatherLast year I lost the first of my grandparents and about a month later I officially lost both grandmothers.  In the year since I have had a chance to spend time with both my grandfathers.  I see my Grampa in Boston all the time since I live so close.  This year he turned 97 and seems like he will reach 100 years old.  I saw my Poppop, who lives in Florida, in June when I was in Orlando for the conference.  A few weeks ago, things changed and a little over 2 weeks ago, he passed away.

Who Was My Poppop

I have plenty of memories of my grandfather.  Even though they lived in New York  while I was young, my grandparents moved to Florida.  My grandfather had lived his entire life in Peekskill, NY.  He served with the Army in the Korean War.  He was a butcher and my father grew up on a farm.  He survived cancer, but lost his voice box.  He rarely spoke as a result and only a few of us could understand him.  As a teenager, because I saw him often, I was better at understanding him than I was more recently.

My Poppop, FranksHe was a voracious reader.  Every memory I have of him includes him reading a book or there being a book next to him.  He was a complex man and not all my memories of him are great.  I can only imagine how frustrating communication was for him.  I know a lot of my more complex traits come from him.  My stubbornness for example.  If he didn’t want to do something, he wouldn’t do it and you couldn’t make him.  He was an introvert like me.

Poppop, you will be missed.  You lived your life the way you wanted until the very end.

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