Pinterest Board of the Month: Jane Austen

Pinterest Board of the Month

Pinterest Board of the MonthI am starting a new thing here on the blog.  Each month I am going to feature a new Pinterest board from my account.  These are things that are primarily related whatever project I am working on be it Austen inspired, content for another book or story, Wikipedia, bullet journaling, or something new that comes up.  Each month I will post a new board for you to see and consider following!


We have all heard of Pinterest and many of us probably have boards, but do we share them?  Am I following you?  Are you following me?  Maybe!

What I like about Pinterest is it allows me to collect things without feeling obligated to buy or do those things.  When I need to find something specific, there it is!  It is great for novel research because I can keep my collections private. It’s wonderful for searching for gifts I want to buy people or that I want people to buy for me.

This Month’s Board

This month, and probably for the next few months, since I am getting ready for the publication of Modern Persuasion, I am featuring my Jane Austen board.  This is a collection of all different Jane Austen related pins.  It includes items I can (and may or have already) buy, cute graphics, travel related to Austen and the UK, and so much more.  You are welcome to follow this board and if you want to contribute, just let me know!

What board will I be featuring next month?  You have to follow here to find out!  You are also welcome to follow my Pinterest account and follow everything I have (except the private ones).  You can see boards that will never be featured, like my entire board dedicated to Paris.

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