Modern Persuasion – I Have a New Instagram Account!

I have a new Instagram account!

I have a new Instagram account!I love my personal Instagram account. Virtually everything is added from places I visit to pictures of Cedric Doggery. Let’s be honest, Cedric is the primary subject of my pictures. Some pictures are really good and others cause people to cringe (mostly my sister).

Why A New Account?

I had to ask myself an important question about social media: should I have a different account for this stuff? It prompted a bunch of research about social media platforms and how to best connect with readers. Turns out, almost everyone suggests professional accounts so that your readers see a focused set of images. Also, it keeps my personal photos… personal. Fans and readers can follow both, but they know there is a difference between the content.

This is the same reason I have a separate Facebook page as an author. I chose to keep my personal content as private, but there is a public space for my readers. I could do the same with Twitter, but I already have two accounts there. One is far more dedicated to very private thoughts and only a few people can see it. The other is a mix of topics, but those appropriate for public viewing.

Social Media and Marketing

There is another reason I decided to start a new Instagram account. It has to do with the best use of my marketing time. Writing is not my full time job, but it feels like it. I have limited time to spend connecting with readers online. I want to make the most of that time by being in the best places. Last week I announced the Pinterest boards. I have a lot of these boards already created, so I am just sharing them. I can’t be on all the social media platforms. I have to pick a couple and schedule everything. That means I am focusing on this blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

Of course, you are always welcome to follow me where I am, but if you want content related to the blog and books then you know where to go.

OK- Show Us The New Instagram Account!

Here is the new Instagram account!  Please follow and share with others.

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