Getting To Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Mr. Musgrove

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion

Here we are, in the last month before Modern Persuasion is published.  It was been a crazy two weeks.  In two weeks I finished the cover design (Royal James picked the direction, I just followed it to my end), format the inside of the novel (fonts are a big decision!), and set up pre-sale from scratch (I had NO idea what I was doing).  I still have so much to do.

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Mr. Musgrove

There are a few more characters to share with you all.  Today I take on the other half of the Musgrove parents: Mr. Musgrove.  In the original, I always felt he was a simple man who loved his life.  To be fair, his life wasn’t that bad.  His oldest son had married up, he was doing better than many of his peers, and his idiot son was out of the picture permanently.   I took out the idiot son and reduced Mr. Musgrove’s role.  He is there, like some fathers, to run the BBQ at the beach house.

So?  Other than manning the BBQ, who is Mr. Musgrove?  Here are five things you won’t learn about Mr. Musgrove from reading Modern Persuasion.

  1. His name is Richard, only his wife calls him Dick.
  2. Richard and Walter have been friends all their lives.  In fact, their families had been connected for generations.
  3. Like his son and grandsons, Richard Musgrove is a Met’s fan.
  4. While Tommy reads non-fiction books about baseball, his father prefers fictional stories like The Southpaw and Bang The Drum Slowly.
  5. He is the CEO of a major communication company, but close to retirement.

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