Modern Persuasion Pre-Sale Starts Now!

It has been nearly a year since I started the process of publishing Modern Persuasion.  My original plan to self-publish was put on hold when I went under contract with a publisher.  That all came back to the forefront again when I was given back the control I had given up a year before.  Today is a big day, but not the biggest day in this process.  That day comes on May 29th when the book is released.

Things are still going on behind the scenes, but today I am committing myself to May 29th as the release date.  How am I committing to it?  I am letting you all order the book now.

Yes, as of right now you can order your paperback copy!  Kindle copies will be available on the 29th.

So, here is how to order:

You will also notice that there will be links around that blog that have been updated with the purchase link.  Additionally, it will be on Facebook.  You can order any time you want!

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