Pinterest Board of the Month!

Pinterest Board of the Month

Normally I wait to do these on Fridays, but with all the book release activity going on this month, things are going to be far more focused on Modern Persuasion as we get closer to the 29th.  Not everyone knows I have been doing profiles of characters in Modern Persuasion for the last year.  I have loved doing them.  I hope they have given readers some information that will help them as they read the book.

Pinterest Board of the Month

I am sure some people missed a few or a lot (or all) of them.  With that in mind, I put together a Pinterest board with all the character profiles.  Not only will this help you see if you missed any, but if you want to go back to a profile and re-read, you won’t have to hunt for it on the blog!  Please feel free to share and follow it.  As the remaining profiles are posted, I will make sure they are added to the board.

One final note, I am going to be doing character profiles for Phi Alpha Pi starting in June.  They will be done on Fridays here. In June there will be 2 more for Modern Persuasion as well.

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