Modern Persuasion Blog Tour: Day 1

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Here it is, day one of the blog tour.  So much has happened already.  Two blogs have posted entries about Modern Persuasion.

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

  1. Over at My Jane Austen Book Club you can see my top 10 things I love about Captain Wentworth, the character who inspired my Fredrick Wentworth.
  2. Later today, at Most Agreeably Engaged, another post will go up about Modern Persuasion.

This morning Laura Fedolfi (who writes the Revealing Hannah series) recorded an episode of Dragons, Unicorns, and Other Creative Creatures.  We had such a good time talking to Rona and Dr. Kevin about our work, our ideas, being creative, and the world of story telling.  Thank you to both of them for letting us join them.  I will post a link to the episode when it’s up!

If you are in Lowell, MA and have some free time on Thursday evening, come by Pollard Memorial Library.  I will be one of the authors at the Local Authors Bookfair.  I will be selling copies of Mill Pages vol. 1 and promoting Modern Persuasion.  There is a bonus for people who come by and have already pre-ordered the book.

I can sum up my mood in one gif:


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