Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Lizbeth

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

Welcome to the very first character profile for my second novel: Phi Alpha Pi.  The story of this Pride And Prejudice modernization centers around the sisters of the Phi Alpha Pi sorority.  The character profiles are going to start with these sorority sisters.  Then we will move into the people around them.

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Lizbeth

Today we start with Lizbeth.  Here are five things you won’t know about Lizbeth from reading Phi Alpha Pi

  1. Her last name is not Bennett, it’s Dreyfus.
  2. In the book you will learn that she was the only girl she knew who, as a child, asked for a pony and got it.  Her grandparents own a large farm in Ipswich, MA.  The horse is a white mare and, as a child, Lizbeth use to pretend it was a unicorn and she was a princess.  She was in no way your typical princess, she was a warrior who used her unicorn as a weapon to destroy the patriarchy.
  3. Her favorite artist is Degas.
  4. Her favorite movie is the Princess Bride.  She also enjoyed the book as a child and adult.  She also loved reading As You Wish.
  5. While Emma Shaw did not know she was in an Austen story, Lizbeth has an inkling.  It turns into a tingle of a feeling when she learns that Wil’s last name is Darcy, but she won’t really put it together for years.

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