Pinterest Board of the Month: The Humble Bowtie

Pinterest Board of the Month

Bowties are cool… So said Matt Smith (my favorite Mr. Collins – in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies) as the 11th Doctor.  If you have read Modern Persuasion, I hope you loved the scene between Fredrick and Emma at the NYPL event. The one where she straightens a crooked bowtie that Patrick left just for her to fix.  It is one of my favorite scenes in the book.  For me, that scene was an important moment, but more on that another time.

Pinterest Board of the Month

As a result of loving this scene, I have developed a small obsession with bowties and attractive men wearing them… and kittens or puppies wearing them… snacks shaped like bowties… the list goes on.  I have complied a Pinterest board that you can follow if you too love the humble bow tie.  Enjoy!

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