Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet The Douchebag

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion

I know I have already launched into character profiles for Phi Alpha Pi, but there are two more people in Modern Persuasion you should get to know.  They are very minor characters, but they two characters far more than I expected.

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet The Douchebag

Before I get into The Douchebag, let me say something about character development.  I don’t like to think of my characters as absolutes.  Each and every person in this world has made mistakes and been an amazing person.  Every choice we make is interpreted by others in vastly different ways.  Even my worst characters, when I dive deeper into their stories, as a side we don’t see in the story.  Except Elizabeth Shaw… she is the worst.

For me, writing Fredrick’s side of the story was a way to show he saw a lot of the story the same way as Emma, but there were things they saw differently.  These next two characters fit into that category.  Emma see’s them both in one way, while Fredrick will see them in a very different way.  We are going to start with the Douchebag.  You may recall him from the parties in L.A.  Emma remembers him because he is often in NYC trying to launch a writing career.  He always flirts with Emma, but never remembers her.  Let’s look at five things you won’t learn about The Douchebag from Modern Persuasion

  1. His name is Christoph, but this was changed from Christopher because his parents wanted him to stand out in auditions.
  2. He was a child star who worked really hard to avoid the common downfall of drug and alcohol addiction.
  3. His parent, who pushed him into acting regardless of his desires, are a hot mess.  They lived through him and then welcomed the spotlight while he shied away.
  4. He likes to work with the same people over and over, especially those he has learned to trust.  Fredrick is one of those people who has proven his loyalty over years of collaboration.
  5. Did Christoph know who Emma was each time he flirted with her?  Nope!  In fact, he has a crush on Emma and is constantly trying to impress her.  He always makes a mess of it and the next time he sees her, he pretends to forget her so he can try a different tactic.  He doesn’t realize that, by pretending to forget her, he makes a worse impression.

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