Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Abby

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion

Today is the final character profile for Modern Persuasion.  Over the last year, this has been one of my favorite posts to write on this blog.  In the process I fell in love with characters I hadn’t really thought much about originally.  There were some moments when I wondered if other people cared about these as much as I did, but I hope that some day you come back to these to learn more about the characters you loved or… didn’t love.  Two weeks ago, I introduced you to Christoph(er).  I want you to remember him just a little bit.

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Abby

Remember, I mentioned that these two characters are seen very differently by Emma and Fredrick?  Abby suffers from this more than anyone else in the book.  Why?  Primarily because Emma’s perception of her is based on Fredrick’s friends and the press.  Fredrick learned, primarily as a result of how he reacted to breaking up with Emma, that maybe he should keep his mouth shut.  Here are five things you won’t know about Abby from reading Modern Persuasion:

  1. Abby is an orphan.  Her parents died when she was a teenager.  As a result, having a family is very important to her.
  2. By the time she starts dating Fredrick, she has already been married three times, with a child from her last divorce.  None of her marriages lasted very long.
  3. Why is it so important that she live in NYC?  That is where the father of her child lives.  She doesn’t want her child to suffer because of geographic distances.
  4. While she cares for Fredrick, she didn’t actually love him.  She loves feeling like she is in love, it’s almost like a drug for her.
  5. Years later, she and Christoph(er) get married and it actually lasts longer for her than any other relationship she has ever had.

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