Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Marie

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

I hope you have been enjoying your chance to meet the characters of Phi Alpha Pi!  We are two sister in and we continue today with Marie, who was Mary in the original.  The two Marys from Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice are very unappreciated, even today.  First, why did I change her name?  For a similar reason I changed Anne to Emma in Modern Persuasion: I have another, major character, with the same name.  I didn’t want the two to overlap in the reader’s mind.

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Marie

Here are five things you won’t know about Marie from reading the book.

  1. Marie doesn’t watch television.  Instead she watches YouTube.  She loves horror series like Marble Hornets.
  2. Her current dream is to create a series like Marble Hornets playing against traditional horror tropes.
  3. She does watch classic TV shows that stream on Netflix or that she can get on DVD.  Her favorite has been Twin Peaks and she paid for a subscription to Showtime so she could watch season 3.
  4. David Lynch is her favorite director and, considering her love of Twin Peaks, it shouldn’t surprised that her favorite movie is Fire Walk With Me.
  5. Mary didn’t grow up in the south, but has developed a deep love of southern food.  She especially likes fried green tomatoes.  She has developed her own recipe based on things she has learned from asking chefs what they do.

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