Pinterest Board of the Month: Books I Have Been Enjoying 2017

Pinterest Board of the Month

There is a chance I might start finding a way to insert books back into this blog.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some pictures of books I am reading.  I have been enjoying a lot of the books I have read so far this year, but I’m not sure I want to write a long post about each of them.  I have issues with book reviews (more on that another day) and have always strived to avoid doing them here.  That is, unless I am so offended that I need to rant.  My enjoyment of books this year has led me to this month’s…

Pinterest Board of the Month

I still want to share books with you!  I want to know what you have been reading and give you ideas for books to read.  I am going to try keeping up this Pinterest board through the year and create a new one next year.  I am sharing it now because I want to hear from you to create a future board: what books do you think I should read? What has been your favorite this year?  Tell me in the comments!  If I have already read it, we can chat about it in the comments.  I won’t judge you too much for enjoying something I strongly disliked because its terrible.  That being said, I may judge you a little by suggesting better books in the genre.

Note, a few of these are were advanced reader copies/editions that I got at either ALA of Book Expo.  If you spot one that you don’t know about or can’t find to buy, I am happy to share more details… I think its only 3 titles.

Also, in the comments, tell me which of these you have read and enjoyed/disliked!

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