Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Charlie

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

I always felt Mr. Bingley was never given the attention he deserved. Only Mr. Darcy’s opposite could have been the other male hero of the book. Just as Lizbeth and Jane are complimentary opposites, so are Wil and Charlie.  Here are five things you won’t know about Charlie from reading Phi Alpha Pi

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Charlie

Like with Wil, I don’t want to share much here because we do spend a lot of time getting to know Charlie in the book.

  1. His favorite thing to eat is In & Out Burger
  2. He has spent a lot of vacation time in Southern California.  He learned to surf while out there and wants to travel to all the popular surfing locations around the world.  He and Wil plan to sail around the world together so Charlie can do his surfing.  He is pretty good at it, but is a better skier.
  3. His favorite movie is Seven.
  4. His favorite tv show is Breaking Bad
  5. Not only does he love surfing in California, but he would love to live there after he saves some money.

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