Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Ginny

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

In the original Pride and Prejudice Mr. Darcy’s sister is a minor character, but her history is critical to the plot.  Austen named her Georgiana, but I had a difficult time using the name.  When a name works for me, I don’t have a problem re-using it, but I often take my own direction with names.  This is especially true when I have other important characters with the same name in different novels.  You should all know that almost everything I write is in the same universe, even the magical, fantasy work.  Keeping track of names is important and I like to avoid confusing readers. A few Austen fans are irritated with me for changing Anne to Emma in Modern Persuasion.  Changing Georgiana to Ginny (short for Virginia) was a far more pragmatic reason.  I also changed George Wickham to simple Jorge for this same reason.  The story primarily takes place in Georgia (the state).  How confusing would it be for Georgiana to be at boarding school in Georgia after nearly eloping with George?  Really!

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Ginny

Here are five things you won’t know about Ginny from reading the book:

  1. Her favorite series is the Outlander series.  She loves stories about time travel and magic
  2. She listens to almost all the true crime podcasts and it’s her favorite non-fiction genre for reading.  It was Serial and the Adnan Syed case that pulled her into these cases.  She still follows Undisclosed to keep up with Adnan’s case, but her favorite right now has been Up and Vanished because it’s about a missing person/murder case in Georgia.
  3. Her favorite movies are anything made by Pixar.  She subscribes to the Pixar theory.  Don’t know what that is?  Its a theory that connects all their movies in the same universe and interconnected plot.  See the video at the bottom.
  4. What happened with Jorge pushed Ginny to think carefully about herself sexually.  She isn’t there yet in storyline of the book, but when she gets to college, she will realize that she is bi-sexual.  Being able to understand this will make her much happier and help her find more independence from Wil.
  5. Her future is in politics… possibly presidential.

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